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"Superior Service Through Science and Nature"

With over 18 years of local and overseas pest management experience, I offer "Conventional" and "Green or Natural" Services on most pests encountered here in the Pikes Peak Region. I can offer a 30 day guarantee for all my one time services and a guarantee between services on maintenance plans, along with free estimates.




All estimates are free and flexible according to materials and scheduling. Call me at 719-231-3907.


Service Specialties

Termite Inspections and Treatment. I can inspect the home you are planning on purchasing or selling and provide you with a report of my findings. In the event treatment is required, I use the latest techniques and materials to eliminate the colonies that are destroying your home. I have inspected & treated homes in Colorado Springs with termites for the last 16 years.
Bedbugs have risen to almost epidemic proportions in the last 10 years. I will treat them in a most aggressive manner to eliminate your pain and suffering.
Roaches are a major pest and health hazard in your kitchens and restaurants. I have a proven method to destroy these creatures that appear to double in strength overnight.
Spiders and Ants are a common and everyday occurrence here on the Front Range. With regular maintenance you can keep these common invaders under control.



  I’ll only work with the best materials available and provide a 30 day guarantee for most pest services and full guarantee between services on all maintenance accounts. I never compromise quality for time and give my clients realistic schedules that accommodate their lives. I strive for honest customer service. Through our partnership,  we will succeed in our battle against the pests that invade our lives and homes.



About Me

MY NAME IS Charles Osborne

I came to Colorado Springs in early 1995 as a soldier at Fort Carson. I did an internship with the USFWS (US Fish & Wildlife Service), studying the wildlife in the Pikes Peak region. After leaving active duty, I worked for 2 different local pest control companies, honing my knowledge and experience. I was certified by the Colorado Department of Agriculture as a Pesticide Applicator in 2003. I am a Qualified Supervisor in the Categories of 110 - Public Health, 301 - Wood Destroying Organisms, 302 - Outdoor Vertebrate, & 304 - Residential Commercial Pest Control. I was certified as an ACE - Associate Certified Entomologist in 2010 at the University of Florida, through the Entomological Society of America. I have deployed multiple times overseas in times of conflict. While there, I developed a program of trapping, identification and treating mosquitoes & sand flies in our area of operations, while not on patrol with the 156th Infantry and the 1st Cavalry Division.