Why should I hire you?

I have lived in Colorado Springs for over 20 years. In that time, I have been in the pest and wildlife management business for over 18 years. I’m not new to the area so I know what it takes to exterminate your pests by using quality products and time-tested methods. People in the service industry like to say that “We’ll treat your home like ours,” for me this couldn’t be more true. If a new product comes onto the market, I’ll try it at my home first before I’m confident that it’ll work in your home. It’s important for me to give your home the time and care that I would give my own home.

What makes you different from everyone else?

There are several people who treat pests in this city. I am one of a few exterminators in the state of Colorado with an Associate Certified Entomologist title in Colorado Springs. I bring knowledge and the ability to specifically identify what pests are in your home. Knowing what we’re dealing with is the first step in eliminating your pest problem.

Why should I get regular service?

You’ve invested your money in the first step which was an initial treatment. Maintainability of your pest problem begins with regular services. Just because you’ve seen a decrease in activity doesn’t necessarily mean the problem is over. For certain pests, a regular service will guarantee you a pest free home! Call or text for more info.